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Sense - you're not making any



March 28th, 2013

Good News!!!

Sense - you're not making any
After a 2-year medical leave of absence from university due to lupus, I am finally going back! I am officially readmitted!!!!! I still have a bunch of things to do with all the different offices and department (like getting my housing and classes in order), but I'm most of the way there! Woot!

I will be in the same graduating class as those for whom I was an orientation leader in my Junior year. Which is kind of strange to think about. But, since I started college early, I will now be the same age as everyone else when I graduate.... my life is strange!

In other news: sorry for not posting in a long time. My anxiety got pretty bad for a while there, and that was defiantly a factor in not posting. And then I felt guilty for not posting, so didn't post... yeah, that just kept going round and round in a circle.

I did a "Day in the Life" photo series this week, and I will post the results soon :-)

August 20th, 2011

The quilt!

Sense - you're not making any
You asked for pictures, so I will provide!

I made this quilt for myself (all others, except my first one when I was nine, were made for others.) The pattern is a "bargello", which I then did in a wave. So even though it looks all curvy, it's made entirely with straight lines (except the quilting stitches on top, that's curved lines!)

I'm looking forward to having this adorn my bed for years to come :-)

It's going to look so spiffy on my bed in my dorm this coming year. Speaking of which, I have a SINGLE! Woot! I get my own space to trash decorate how I want!

In case you're wondering the size, it's 75"x85" (190cm x 215cm). It's just shy of the "typical" double/full size for a quilt.

Wonderful pictures by my mom :-)

February 9th, 2010

She's gone....

Never a good time to say goodbye
Yesterday, in the early morning, Amber passed away peacefully in her sleep. Amber was the friend I've had the longest (not counting my sister), as I got her right before I turned nine. She was always my dog, and our bond was insanely tight. She would do anything, and I mean anything I asked her to, even if she was unsure about it.

Here's a bit of a Bio about her, and how she came into, and changed, our lives.Collapse )

January 11th, 2010

(no subject)

Where are you my flist
In memory of family and friends who have lost the battle with cancer; and in support of the ones who continue to conquer it! Re-post this in your LiveJournal if you know someone who has, had or has been affected by cancer. 93% won't even take the time to copy and paste this. Will you?

To numerous people. Some whom I knew/know directly, others via someone else I care deeply about. Keep on!

January 2nd, 2010

Antibiotics FTW!

Carson oooh
Normally, I'm all for "alertive medicine" (herbs, acupuncture, massage, pressure points, changes in diet, etc.), but there is a time and place for Western Medicine. For example: pneumonia. It's finally going away, thanks to z-pak!

My lungs don't hurt (much) anymore, I'm not constantly tired (much), I'm not constantly out of breath (much), my lips aren't blue anymore (for the most part), and I'm not coughing anymore still coughing a lot, but at least there's now power behind the coughs, not just the feeble "cough" I was doing before! Also, I can now take nearly a full breath of air! I have enough space in my lungs again!


I'm still mending, but I am on the mend! I hope never to repeat this "adventure". Word to the wise: pneumonia SUCKS!

P.S. In addition to my normal medications, I took over the course of the cold/bronchitis/pneumonia: albuterol inhaler (I normally only need it for acute asthma attacks - I was/am using it 10+ times a day!), z-pak (antibiotic), tessalon perles (cough suppressant), guaifenesin and pseudoephedrine (decongestants), acetaminophen (fever and pain control), RX cough syrup with codeine (works AMAZINGLY! It allowed me to sleep well for the first time in three nights :D), at home nebulizer with more albuterol (3x daily), and some more stuff I'm forgetting... and even with all that, I was really close to ending up in the hospital.

Unlike with shampoo: do not repeat!

December 25th, 2009

Merry Christmas

Something to smile about
To those who celebrate, Merry Christmas :) To those who don't, I hope you have a happy, merry day! (I, personally, don't celebrate the holiday, as I'm Jewish, but I don't mind when people say "Merry/Happy Christmas" to me, for I would be glad to have a good day!)

I have a cold today... and my back is sore from shoveling yesterday. (Our neighbors are out of town, and will get back in late at night, so we dug out their driveway for them. About 16" of snow... and it's a big driveway!) But I'm happy to not be at school, and to be done with finals, and all that jazz :)

You know what's annoying? The Doctor Who Christmas Special doesn't air in the US until tomorrow!! Grrr! And then another week for part two. Humph.

On the up side, we might order Chinese food tonight :) (per tradition of Jews everywhere!)

I took some wicked cute and good pictures of the dogs (mostly Amber) playing in the snow yesterday, and I will post them in a bit, after I've edited them.


October 16th, 2009

... the weather is funky.

Sense - you're not making any
It's snowing this morning... seriously. It was frickin' cold yesterday morning as well... and I had to ride a horse in that weather! At least today I only have to take a Chemistry exam and do my lab which involves collecting water from the creek and titration it to figure out how much dissolved oxygen is in it</i> which I won't think about because then I'll cry.

October 7th, 2009

Warning to Dail-up people... lots of pictures!Collapse )

Right... I'm now off to try and find some place in which to study in the Library... wish me luck (and if don't hear from me for a while, call in a search and rescue team!)

September 1st, 2009

  • Pack clothes
  • Find/pack all horse-related gear (jodhpurs, boots, gloves, helmet, extra visor)
  • Find/pack bedding
  • Pack towels (4... two for dorm, one for barn, one for gym)
  • Find/pack posters
  • Pack misc furniture/decor that I'm taking (lamp, chair, bed raisers...)
  • Find/pack all chargers/other electronics. Do NOT forget the alarm clock!!!
  • Pack plant in such a way so as not to hurt it/other things (covered in spikes)
  • Keep writing things down on the list of things we need to buy
  • Pack all snack foods (perhaps most important thing on list)
  • Pack meds
  • Pack DVDs (including the awesome new box set of 'The Office' UK :) *hugs martoufmarty *
  • Etc, etc, etc...
  • Panic Done that one! =)
So yeah... I get there around 11AM on Thursday. Eep. Life's changing. Big Time.

BTW, this is made of utter win! Best dorm packing list. Ever. (That I've come across...)

Right... if you don't hear from me for a week, don't presume me dead. Yet. I will try to say "hi" from my new home by the weekend :)

*points at icon* I asked Sheppard if he wanted to help me pack... his response -_-

August 30th, 2009

Spending spree!

I&#39;m a genius!
For the first time ever in my life, I've paid useing three differnt curreancys in one day. Before it was only two. But, since I worked on cleaning my room up today (loads more work to do on that front...) I've handled something around 8 today :)

Bought my shirt.woot! shirt - United States Dollar
Paid martoufmarty for some DVDs and a book she sent me (thanks again! You rock!) - Canadian Dollar
Sponsered Eddie Izzard on his run 'round the UK - British Pounds Sterling

Let's see if I can recall the nationalities of what's in my room off the top of my (without getting up and looking, for then I will get distracted and waste a few hours). All are coins (bills are annoying to keep track of for souvenirs), but I'm giving the term for the "whole" amounts (dollars, not cents) even if I don't a "whole unit" coin: United States dollar, Canadian dollar, Colombian peso, Mexican peso, German euro, British pound sterling, and Israeli shekel. There's more, but I can't recall them. Dad's bringing some more home too, which will be wicked :)

Speaking of dad: Apparently he got a job offer while he was in Sierra Leone, and he got to meet the Vice President of Sierra Leone. Cool stuff!

Not only that, but with the aid of the US Coast Guard ship, Sierra Leone was able to get their FIRST case for breaking fishing laws! Other countries (mostly SE Asia) have been fishing illegally in their waters for years, but they had no training to deal with. That, my friends, is why the ship went over there!

With the help of the USCG crew, they boarded around 20 ships. Most were clean and law abiding (but still good practice for how to search.) One ship was caught red-handed. They had been illegally poaching tuna - to the tune of 150-160 tons! That's a LOT of fish, and a LOT of money! The Sierra Leone government confiscated the boat and is planning on fining the other government (where the boat was from). They're keeping the boat too. HUGE win for Sierra Leone!

Oh, and he visited a chimp sanctuary while he was there. Apparently, they threw rocks (lots of 'em) at him (big ones, the size of grapefruit). He described them to me as "brats" :P

Fives days 'til MHC! Woot!
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